My Book's Birthday!

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WOOHOO! I'm finally able to tell my family, friends and any strangers I randomly meet about my new book: The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country. (YAY! SCREEEEEEE!)

Here's a peek at the back cover copy...

No snow in Ski Country for Christmas? Santa's ready to help until he discovers his magical Icicle Star has melted. He needs someone with a pure Christmas spirit to journey into the mountains to find a new one. Can Little Andy find Santa's rare Icicle Star in time to give Ski Country a white Christmas? 

Dana Schlingman illustrated my words perfectly, a seamless blend. And can you believe that she actually hand watercolored EVERY SINGLE PICTURE? No digital illustrations here. Her heart and sweat and soul are in every illustration.  

  COPYRIGHT © 2013 Big Earth Publishing

COPYRIGHT © 2013 Big Earth Publishing

COPYRIGHT © 2013 Big Earth Publishing

And when Santa visits Colorado, he fits right in...

Santa's eyes, behind ski goggles, beamed alive and so bright.
His cheeks blushed like mountains kissed by the light.
His chapped, lively mouth smiled up in a grin
And his snowy white beard warmed his strong chin.

And did I mention that he LOVES TO SHRED?! 

WOOHOO! I can't wait for you to see it!