Snowy Beauty

I woke up to a six-degree winter wonderland this morning.

It looked a little bit like this.

© 2013 The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country / Suzanne Nieman Brown / Dana Schlingman / / Westcliffe / Big Earth Publishers

And a little like these gorgeous photos comparing Colorado to a Wintry Heaven

And pretty much exactly like this. 

© 2014 Suzanne Nieman Brown


BRRR because six degrees is pretty cold for anyone. Even our fluffy horses with their poofed-out winter coats. (Don't worry. We gave them extra hay to keep them cozy warm.)

And YAY because we LOVE snow in Colorado! After a long, super-warm fall of hiking, mountain biking, and running, all us Coloradans are ready for our winter playground.

Snowshoeing. Snowboarding. Skiing. And for some of us, even snow running and mountain biking!

Slipping on my boots now. See ya out there!

What's your favorite snowy weather activity?