My Book is in Barnes & Noble!

OPENING SCENE: Sunny Sunday afternoon with my family. On the way home from running The Candy Run 5K, we stop into Whole Foods Denver West. 

MY DAUGHTER: "Do you think your book is in Barnes & Noble?"

I shrug, but inside I'm really thinking- Wouldn't that be so cool!

MY DAUGHTER: "I'm going to check."

 WOW! ©2013

WOW! ©2013

She pops next door to Barnes & Noble.

I bag my walnuts. 

Minutes later a photo and text from her ding through.  

"THE one... 
THE only...

 HUGE SMILE! ©2013


Such a sweet surprise to see my book there.

And only 1 left! 

END SCENE: Smiles everywhere!

COLORADOSuzanne Brown