©2013 Suzanne Nieman Brown

©2013 Suzanne Nieman Brown

I bounced into the world so incredibly HAPPY to be here that I shrieked with joy! 

I love animals, food, birthdays, exploring, and SMILING.

I have lived in SIX states and visited TWENTY-TWO countries on FIVE continents, but I love always coming home to Colorado. 

I celebrate my BIRTHDAY for a month. Then I celebrate everyone else's birthdays the rest of the year so there's always a reason to eat cake!

I am an AUTHOR who loves readingand an RDN (Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionistwho eats everything as long as it tastes fabulous!





Look at those cheeks! ©2014

Look at those cheeks! ©2014

What did you like to do growing up?
I played soccer and softball.
I adored horses and horseback riding.
I loved swimming all summer long in our pool.
And I baked (and ate!) so many chocolate-chip cookies that I knew the recipe by heart before I was even twelve!


Are you married?
Yes! One evening, long ago, in a fairy-tale land called college, I spotted a well-worn pair of cowboy boots. I admired the boots, looked up, and fell in love with the blue-eyed man grinning back at me. Boots is adventurous, thoughtful, ambitious, and so super cute that he still makes my heart walump-a-bump! 

Just finished an adventure race they did together! ©2014 Suzanne Nieman Brown

Do you have any kids? 
Yes! We are so lucky to have a girl and a boy!

Our daughter is a teenager who loves traveling, running, and horses. She's six inches taller than me, the sweetest girl you'll ever meet, and inspired me to write The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country

Our son is a middle-schooler who loves soccer, math, and astronomy. He wants to be a World Cup Soccer Player- Einstein- Astronaut, loves doing almost anything except cleaning, and encouraged me to publish The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country.  

Do you have any pets?
Yes, again!

LUCY  LOVES hiking! ©2014

LUCY  LOVES hiking! ©2014

We have a bouncy DOG named Lucy. We rescued her from a shelter when she was just a pup. She's a shiny, golden color with stunning, amber eyes. She loves running fast, tossing a ball to herself, and hiking anywhere. 

We also have a fluffy, tiger CAT named Buddha. He sleeps a lot, purrs a ton, and is happy anyplace, especially curled up next to our daughter.

Savoring that sunshine! ©2014 Suzanne Nieman Brown

Savoring that sunshine! ©2014 Suzanne Nieman Brown

And we have two, brown-and-white paint HORSES that live on our property. Yippee! I sooo wanted a horse my whole, entire life, and finally my dream came true a few years ago. Takoda and Sky are like big dogs- beautiful, goofy and lovable. I love seeing them from my office window, and hearing them whinny a loud greeting anytime we go outside.

Because of where we live, lots of wildlife roams our property. Wild TURKEYS (they're hilarious to watch!), majestic ELK, sweet DEER, stealthy COYOTES, lumbering BEARS, and lots of bunnies and chipmunks. Last summer we even saw a MOUNTAIN LION! That was rare and beautiful and a teensy, tiny, (ok- ALOT) scary. 


When did you start writing stories?

When I was born! Ha! Not really. But I did write a story about my neighbor's German Shepherd when I was in first grade. I know he loved it because he slobbered all over it when I showed it to him.

Did you write more?
Of course! I continued writing lots of stories for me and articles for newspapers. I was Editor-in-Chief of my high school paper.

When did you start taking photos?
I honestly don't remember, but I have albums of photos going back to 8th grade. (I'm so happy digital pics came along, otherwise I would need another house to store all my photos!) I'm not a professional photographer AT ALL. I just like taking pictures as memories.   

What did you study in college?
I thought I was going to study words, but my love of animals and the amazing human body sent me on a Pre-Med path. I wanted to be a Pediatrician, a Veterinarian, a Marine Biologist, a Physical Therapist, and a Dietitian. My love of food won. :) I graduated with a Biology degree; and after two more years of school, an internship, and a day-long test, I was certified as a Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist (RDN). 

What do you do as a RDN?
I teach what foods can make us feel alive and healthy and energetic! I also adjust my favorite recipes so they are healthier but still yummy. My family says I can never follow a recipe exactly, and that's definitely true. I always have to tweak it. ;)