An angel and my book

This precious angel. 


I am so in love with her. She's not my baby, but her mom is so very dear to us that I feel she's our family. 

My daughter was a little older than this angel when I originally wrote The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country. (Read about it HERE!) We had just moved to Colorado, and I wanted our baby girl to have a Christmas story to remind her of how magical snowy ski country is at Christmas time. The aspens, bare but beautiful. The frozen waterfalls. Beautiful animal friends like the dashing snowshoe hare, howling coyotes, and soaring owl. And most importantly, waking up on Christmas morning to fresh, sparkling snow.

©2016 Suzanne Nieman Brown

I hope this precious angel loves my book as much as I adore her and her amazing parents. 

Merry Christmas, sweet LR! 

Where in Colorado? Hearthfire Books!

This is the best bookstore in Evergreen! 

And not just because they have my book, The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country. They have so many more wonderful books tucked into their cozy space. And if they don't have it, they will order it for you!


I think books make the best Christmas gifts. Romances, mysteries, biographies, photo books. All of them pair perfectly with a crackling, warm fire and a twinkling, pine tree. So have fun perusing their shelves and picking out a perfect match for you and your friends! Read on! 


Where in Colorado? Fringe!

I adore this store! I always find gifts galore! And more! :)

Like my book, The Night Before Christmas in Ski Country


Fringe has everything! Cute and sassy cards. Sparkly earrings. Lovely perfumes, lotions, and soaps. Wine glasses. Scarves. Cocktail napkins. A huge toy section. An adorable baby section. AND SO MUCH MORE!


I know you'll have so much fun shopping at Fringe. And you just might just run into one of Santa's elves while you're there. :)